Social Counselling

Social Counselling

Mission of social counseling

Mission of social counseling of the Centre for Integration of Foreigners (CIC) is to help immigrants who are at risk of aggravation of their social situation due to language barrier, unawareness of the customs and rules, their rights, obligations, laws and institutions in the Czech Republic. Through professional social counseling the CIC contributes to the integration of immigrants in the Czech Republic and improvement of their status in society.

The goal of social counseling

The goal of social counseling is to help immigrants become independent and equal members of society who have secured both their essential needs and a dignified standard of living and self-fulfilment in the Czech Republic.

Every client will receive information and support according to his/her individual needs and the resources of the CIC, particularly in the following areas:

  • residence status
  • housing
  • work
  • education
  • social security
  • health care
  • family matters (marriage, divorce, child‘s birth, family reunification, etc. )
  • obtaining Czech citizenship
  • mediating other services and contact information

Social counseling is free of charge.


Who is the social counselling intended for?

You can contact us wherever in the Czech Republic you are. We do not provide counselling in the following regions: Moravskoslezský kraj, Olomoucký kraj, Zlínský kraj and Jihomoravský kraj. We provide social counselling in the CIC offices in Prague, Kolín, Mělník, Mladá Boleslav, Kladno, Liberec and Nymburk or in the field (at the client's home or at the offices of the authorities).

The target group of our social counselling are foreigners, particularly those coming from the third countries (countries outside the European Union) with legal residence on the territory of the Czech Republic who face unfavourable social situation or are threatened by such situation. In particular:

  1. recognised refugees
  2. foreigners with permanent residence
  3. foreigners with a permit to stay over 90 days (long-term residence)
  4. family members of the EU citizens and the EU citizens
  5. immigrants with Czech citizenship

Basic principles of our work

We respect the individuality of every human being (client or person interested in the services offered by the CIC) and his/her perception of his/her own situation in the Czech Republic. We approach all clients equally regardless of their origin, age, handicap, etc.

During contact with the client we agree on issues, goals and process of assistance. These conclusions must be comprehensible to both parties - the client and the social worker.

We lead the client and encourage in him/her independent decision-making and individual responsibility.

We do not pass on information concerning circumstances which are a subject of cooperation between client and social worker to a third party without a prior consent of the client (except when required by law). The same applies to passing on client's personal data and contacts.

How do we work?

Social counseling is implemented by individual co-operation between social worker and immigrant to address his/her personal and family situation.

Every client (and his/her family) cooperates with one social worker. The client determines his/her needs, goal and modes of help. The social worker cooperates with the client for a period of time and consults with him/her every step. Provision of services can be confirmed in writing.

The client will give to the CIC employee his/her name, contact address, phone number and other data needed for the resolution of his/her problem. It is also possible for the client to remain anonymous. All CIC employees are bound by a vow of discretion. Without client's permission, they are not permitted to give client's information to any authorities or other persons (except when required by law).

The client can terminate cooperation with the CIC at any time - either when the problem is solved or when he/she considers continuation of cooperation unnecessary. The client does not have to state his/her reasons.

If the client is not satisfied with the service of the social worker or the provision of social services, he/she can lodge a complaint with the CIC management or a board member of the CIC. More information about the complaints are posted on the bulletin board in the CIC counseling office or by any worker od social counseling in writing or orally. Complaint may be submitted to the statutory representatives of CIC. Contact . In case you are not satisfied with the complaint handling procedure in CIC, contact the independent institutions, for example Ombudsman (veřejný ochránce práv), Údolní 39, 602 00 Brno.

 Leaflet CIC Social Counseling 

The service is not intended for asylum seekers in all the stages of the asylum procedure. In such case, please contact the following organisations:

Sdružení pro integraci a migraci, Baranova 33, Praha 3, phone number: 224 224 379

Organizace pro pomoc uprchlíkům, Kovářská 4, Praha 9, phone number: 284 683 714

SOZE, Mostecká 5, Brno, phone number: 545 213 643


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