JOIN US! – Programmes for connecting immigrants and the Czech majority


Supported by a grant from Island, Liechtenstein and Norway in the framework of the EHP funds.


Contact for further info: Vladislav Günter
Realization period: 1. 8. 2014 - 30. 4. 2016

The project is aimed at providing equal opportunities for working migrants and for their children in the sphere of  education. By means of adressing the Czech majority and conducting public enlightment through educating social workers, the project creates new tools of protecting migrants from discrimination and supporting equal rights in both the above-mentioned spheres. The project discovers new methods of social workers’ approach to migrants and a new way of schooling is already being successfully carried out: family courses of Czech for foreigners. Apart from that, the project offers a series of open discussions on the mentioned topics and medial training of the CIC workers. The main result will be a publication combining the experience gained during the project. The expert guarantors of the project are META – The association for opportunities of young migrants and J.D. Radka Medková.

Specific offers of services for foreigners – employees, parents,  school-age children and (last, but not least) schools can be found in the Download section.



Employment law counseling for foreigners

Are you a foreigner and your child is attending a Czech school?

Language training before entering a Czech school 


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