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EthnoMed is a website which was created by the Harborview Medical Centre in Seattle within an extensive programme to promote accessibility of health care to minorities living in the city. The biggest minorities in Seattle are Mexicans, Chinese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Ethiopians and Cambodians and they form around one fifth of the city’s population.

EthnoMed is a publicly accessible website, aimed primarily for medical staff in Seattle. The main part contains information about different cultural groups focusing on health related issues and traditional medicine. Doctors thus have a possibility to find information before meeting patients and they are aware of patients’ expectations and attitudes. The website also contains translation of some diagnoses into the minorities’ languages and also information about these diagnoses among the groups concerned.

Further information:

EthnoMed website (English)

Harborview Medical Centre’s website (English)

Website Cities of Migration (English, Spanish, German, French)

MiMi – Mit Migranten für Migranten (With migrants for migrants)

Project MiMi has been developed by the medical centre Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum in Hannover and today it is carried out in 57 cities in 10 Länder in Germany. The goal is to train and coordinate culture mediators from different ethnic groups. These mediators then inform member of “their” group about health care system in Germany, about choosing a doctor, prevention, etc. A guide to German health care system has been also published – currently it is available online in 14 languages (for example English, Arabic, Spanish, Farsi, Russian). You can download it HERE.

Further information:

MiMi Project website (German)

Project MiMi in Hamburg (German)

Website Cities of Migration (English, German, Spanish, French)

Information on the website of Ethno-Medizinisches Zentrum (German)

Göteborg and immigrant women as doulas and interpreters

In 2008 a project was launched in Swedish Göteborg to help women-foreigners who are expecting a child. The impulse for this project was a discovery of the fact that newborns of immigrant mothers, especially Somali and Arab women, are at higher risk of death and that it is caused mainly by the lack of information and insufficient communication caused by language barriers. As a reaction, the project provides (free of charge) to these women assistance of doulas, i. e. women who accompany future mothers during pregnancy, birth and after birth. Doulas are from the same country as future mothers which means they speak the same language and they know their cultural background. The presence of a doula helps to prevent communication problems and therefore to prevent health problems of mothers and their children.

Further information:

Website of Födelsehuset, a non-governmental organisation that runs the project (English, Swedish)

Project’s brochure (Swedish)

Information on the EU website on integration (English)

Article on the Swedish website of the European Social Fund (Swedish)

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