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Frankfurt - Mama lernt Deutsch

Programme Mama lernt Deutsch is aimed at mothers-foreigners whose children attend schools in Frankfurt. The mothers are offered not a normal language course, but they participate directly in the classes with their children. Twice a month, they come with their children to school where they learn vocabulary necessary for everyday life in Germany and also vocabulary they need to help their kids with homework. The programme is not free of charge, but unlike other courses, it takes place in the morning when kids are at school so the participants do not need to worry about expensive baby-sitters (moreover, the programme provides a baby-sitter for pre-school kids).

The main goal is to help improve language skills of women who are often dependent on their husbands and to create a good home environment for kids’ learning through enabling their mothers to help them with homework.

The last but not least is the fact that the participants get to know each other so they can share their problems, experience and help each other.

Further information:

Website of the City of Frankfurt (German)

Website Cities of Migration (English, German, French, Spanish)

Article in the New York Times (English)

Play It Fair!

Play It Fair! is a product that was developed in 2004 by Montreal non-profit organisation Equitas. Play It Fair! is actually a set of games with instructions – the games should be used by teachers and tutors for children who during the games and follow-up discussions learn to  accept differences between individuals and to respect everybody’s rights. The product is aimed at kids between 6 and 12 years of age and the games include both cooperation and being left outside a group – this way, still while playing a game, kids learn how does it feel to be excluded.

Nowadays, the product is used in many Canadian cities and thanks to its success, its use has been spread also abroad (for example Haiti and Indonesia).

Product Play It Fair! was awarded several prizes, for example Prix de la citoyenneté in 2009. Thanks to success of Play It Fair, programme Speaking Rights was developed for older kids and teenagers.

Further information:

Organisation Equitas (English, French)

Information about Play It Fair! on Equitas website (English, French)

Website Cities of Migration (English, French, German, Spanish)

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