Social Rehabilitation

Social Rehabilitation


The mission of social rehabilitation of CIC

The aim of social rehabilitation of CIC is to help foreigners who have been living in the Czech Republic for a long time to gain skills and abilities which will help them to integrate into the labor market and, consequently, into all other areas of social life of the country.


The goals of social rehabilitation of CIC are:

  1. to mobilize and motivate the target group to engage in the labor market and to increase its focus on the requirements of the Czech labor market.
  2. to increase the knowledge of the target group about basic business terminology and legal regulations.
  3. to increase the chances of the target group to get jobs by better preparation for the selection process and improving the knowledge of Czech.
  4. to help the target group to maintain jobs (to understand duties of the employees, to be able to communicate in the workplace, etc.)


Whom is the social rehabilitation intended for?

The target groups of our services are foreigners from Prague with a long-term residence permit in the Czech Republic, who have a legal residence (namely foreigners with permanent residency, long term residence, EU citizens, family members of EU citizens, recognized refugees, foreigners with international protection) and no longer need to have a work permit in the Czech Republic. Social rehabilitation services are intended for those who cannot get or maintain a job (i.e. those who would ensure sufficient income for their needs and the needs of their family members) in the Czech labor market because of:


  • none or minimum work experience in the Czech Republic (short term job, occasional work)
  • hardly applicable  qualification from the country of origin
  • lack of knowledge of the Czech language
  • low level of social orientation (ignoring of the rights and obligations, lack of information about life in the Czech Republic and job searching process, weak social networks)


Other possible characteristics of the target group:

·         people returning from parental leave

·         disabled or disadvantaged people

·         too young or too old people

·         people taking care about other family members in need


Principles of social rehabilitation services of CIC

Social rehabilitation services are based on the following principles:

·         Individual and equal access. We respect the uniqueness of each person (client, interested in services of CIC) and his/her perception of his/her situation in the Czech Republic. We have equal approach to all clients regardless of their origin, age, disabilities, etc.

·         Focus on client´s skills development, support of their independence. During our contact with the clients we specify the aim of cooperation and assistance process. These results should be comprehensible for both sides – for a client and for a social worker. We encourage our clients to self-determination and individual responsibility. We always respect the client´s choice of how they want to deal with the situation.

·         Confidentiality of all the information is provided. Information about the facts that are the subject of cooperation between the clients and the worker do not pass to any third person without the client´s agreement (except statutory duties). The same applies to the transfer of personal data and contacts of the clients.

·         Social rehabilitation services are free of charge (except for optional services - such as participation in PC courses, some courses of Czech etc.)


Contacts of social rehabilitation services of CIC

Mgr. Kateřina Ošancová

Mgr. Barbora Černochová

Jana Rýdlová, DiS.

Bc. Jana Gál, M.A.


Office adress:

Pernerova 10/32, 180 00 Praha 8 (Map)

(near the station "Křižíkova" - metro B, tram № 8 or 3, close to the tunel from Žižkov)


Open hours:

Mon 9:00 - 12:00 

Wed 12:00 - 16:00  



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