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Employment Advisory

For whom is the employment advisory intended?

The employment advisory is intended for foreigners with a legal residence permit in the Czech Republic (permanent residence, long-term residence, asylum or complementary protection, EU citizens and their family members).

What do we offer?

The services are provided individually according to the specific situation and needs of clients and according to our possibilities.

We offer help especially with the following issues:

  • employment of foreigners with different types of residence permit (including those who need a work permit)
  • loss of a job (rights and duties, registration at a Labour Office)
  • looking for a job (help with writing a CV, motivation letter and in case of language barrier also help with contacting employers)
  • situation in the labour market for given profession
  • job interview (rehearsals included)
  • employment contracts, rights and duties of employees and employers before and after the commencement of employment
  • validation of education


Who can you contact?


(+420) 702 150 630

Mgr. Kateřina Ošancová

Mgr. Barbora Černochová

Jana Rýdlová, DiS.

Bc. Jana Gál, M.A.



Mgr. Michala Musilová
(+420) 774 866 838

Opening hours are HERE.


CIC is not an employment agency. 

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