About Us

About Us

The Centre for Integration of Foreigners (CIC) was founded in 2003 as a non-profit civic association for the purpose of helping foreigners participate in Czech society and become a part of it.

The CIC offers walk-in and field-based social services and educational programs for foreigners who are long-term or permanent residents of the Czech Republic. The CIC

is active in all Regions of Bohemia, though its main activities are in Prague and the Region of Central Bohemia. The organization is a legally registered provider of social services and is also accredited in accordance with the law on volunteer services.

Among the organization’s main activities lies:

- providing social advice to immigrants: permanent and long-term residents and those with international/supplementary protection;

- providing employment consultancy and developing programs and activities for immigrants, all focused on immigrants' entry into the job market;

- offering drop-in, open courses in Czech, as well as other specialized courses of Czech for foreigners, including the development of new and progressive methods of education;

- offering other continuing education activities (training teachers of Czech and foreign languages, teaching foreign languages, continuing education of pedagogues and teachers, tutoring, computer classes, etc.);

- providing a volunteer mentor program in the form individualized cooperation between a client and a volunteer, as well as organizing leisure-time activities, meetings, discussions, themed evenings, etc.;

- seminars, informational materials and fliers.

In 2013 the CIC opened the educational venue “Nová půda” in the Karlín Spectrum building (Prague “DDM”), Karlínské nám. 7, Prague 8.

The goal of all the programs is to enable immigrants to the Czech Republic to lead independent and dignified lives in the CR while being aware and respectful of the local legal and simple inter-personal norms on one side, and contributing to mutual understanding and respect afforded to each immigrant by society on the other side.

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