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The Centre for Integration of Foreigners is a civic association that was founded in 2003 by workers experienced in the field of counselling for refugees and immigrants. The aim was to support the integration of foreigners with an asylum (for political or humanitarian reasons) and foreigners with a long-term or permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic to the Czech society.

We help foreigners to familiarize with the local legal and social environment and we accompany them in this environment until they have sufficient knowledge to exercise their rights and obligations themselves. We work with foreigners that have a permanent or long-term residence permit, with asylum holders and also with foreigners that have the Czech or EU citizenship.

For the foreigners that contact us we offer social counselling, employment advisory, Czech courses and in addition a volunteer programme.

Our social workers always help individually to every client with whom they discuss and solve specific problems, especially issues concerning finding a job, education and training, housing and residence status in the Czech Republic.

Within our employment advisory, we focus on individual work with clients (support while looking for job, professional training) on one hand and on contacting employers on the other hand. As a part of the employment advisory, we also help with improvement of knowledge of the Czech professional terminology.

Our training programmes are reaction to inadequate or non-existent foreigners’ knowledge of the Czech language which we consider one of the biggest barriers to integration and which in many cases causes foreigners’ dependency on mediating agencies that often abuse this lack of language skills. For this reason, we organize open Czech language classes. The aim of these courses is to help students become independent with sufficient language knowledge and self-confidence for everyday communication without a need to contact above mentioned mediating agencies or even NGOs. 

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