Volunteers and Clubs

Volunteers and Clubs

The volunteer programme works as a supplement to the social counselling and employment advisory of the Centre for Integration of Foreigners. The aim is to help individual client-immigrants (or their families) to participate actively in life in the Czech Republic and to make new contacts and friends. Our volunteers ("mentors") help our clients get to know their new environment, its habits and rules, and they mediate contact between the immigrant and his new neighbours.

The cooperation between the mentor and client is based on the plan which is defined during the first meeting, where the coordinator of the program is also present. Both sides are free to quit the cooperation whenever they want; they can agree on a new program or they can finish the cooperation. Usually the mentor and the foreigner spend time by practising Czech, talking or learning. They often go out to get more familier with the surrounding, with the Czech culture and habbits.

Foreigners can also become our volunteers - they can help to organise different Club activities like discussions, board games, creative workshops...

For our volunteers, we provide training, supervisions, insurance and other forms of support to appreciate their work.

To ask for a mentor plese fill out this form and send it to dobrovolnici(a)cicpraha.org



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