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Is your residence permit ending? Do you need to apply for an extension? Do you have a newborn child? Have you lost your residence card? Do you have an employee card? Do you have to/need to change employer?

Residence permit

If you were residing legally in 

the Czech Republic at the time of the declaration of an emergency, you can stay in the territory of CZ for the duration of the 

emergency without having to deal with your residence status. However, the deadlines are still running, if your 

residence permit ends, submit / send the application by post as a registered letter or via data

box with an electronic signature (not by plain e-mail without electronic signature). Do not forget

  • Revenue stamps (kolek): affix to the back page of the application (section For office use only  - Revenue Stamp) 

  • Present the requirements (attachments) in the original or notarized copy. Only passport, birth certificate, marriage certificate (= registrar documents) can be submitted in a simple copy. Passport - copy of all pages! Registrar documents translated into Czech submit in notarized copy 

  • Sign the application! 

More information:  Česky English

Further information: visa-free regimeaccommodationdeparture

Other: Česky  English



If you are having an employee card, you can change your employer or job position even in less than 6 months. This is validfrom 19 March 2020 until the end of the state of emergency. Other conditions for reporting changes remain unchanged.

If your new employer implements or assists in implementing emergency measures, you notify the change of job no later than on the day of commencement. Attention:

 The job must be in the Register of vacancies for the employee card holder/!The application must have a position number. The same applies to blue card holders.

There is still a ban on changing employers for an agency! 

See if the employer is in the “implementation of crisis measures” mode HERE.



Recommendations of the Government and the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic to employers of foreign workers, HERE and HERE 

Read more on Epidemic - work  

OAMP opening hours 

As of April 20, 2020 OFFICIAL HOURS The Department of Residence of Foreigners (OAMP) are back to regular schedule but still by appointment only:

  • Picking up permissions, biometrics.
  • Bridge visa - return ticket, air ticket necessary (not just booked) 

ATTENTION! All submissions should be sent by post as a registered letter to the address of the OAMP – MOI office where you usually go - see above. More HERE.

Traveling - news!

DEPARTURE: From 27 April 2020, people living in the Czech Republic can travel - the purpose of travel will not be checked at the border.

ARRIVAL: The following conditions apply to arrival in the Czech Republic and crossing the border as of  April 27, 2020 - based to different residence permits ►►► A foreigner does not have to be quarantined if he/she submits a Medical Certificate of the test result (a form can be downloaded here). Testing will not take place at the border crossing!

Further information: info(a), +420 222 360 452 

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