Are you a freelancer, “živno” holder (OSVČ) and the declared state of emergency damaged your business? You may claim a one-time BusinessCompensationBonus.


Do you run business in ČR (you are a freelancer, “živno” holder, OSVČ) and the declared state of emergency damaged your business? You may claim a one-time Business Compensation Bonus under the following conditions: 

  • Your business is active as of March 12, 2020 (you have not suspended your business).

  • You do business as your main activity, or ancillary business but you are not an employee.

 How to do it? 

Fill in the application with a affidavit. Send the signed application to the Tax Office's e-mail address where you usually file a tax return. 

Or you can use a web application. More info HERE.



  • Are you ordered to stay in quarantine by the doctor (you are on sick leave, pracovní neschopnost, neschopenka)? Or do you have „Oznámení o nařízení karantény“ from the Health department, Hygienická stanice?

⇒You are not working and you are entitled to a wage compensation for the first 14 days of illness/quarantine and later on a sickness benefit (nemocenská dávka).


⇒You are not working and you are entitled to get the benefit called "ošetřovné".


Those are obstacles on the side of the employee.



If you feel healthy, the employer can:

  • ask you to work from home and pay the full wage as if you went to work normally


  • order you to go on vacation and pay the compensation of wage
  • stop giving you work and send employees home temporarily, however the employer must pay the employees a wage compensation of at least 60 % of the average income
  • use the so called "part-unemployment" and pay the employees a wage compensation of at least 60 % of the average income

Those are obstacles on the side of the employer.


It is therefore impossible for your employer to end your employment verbally or let you go away form work without compensation etc.



Česky - Koronavirus a pracovněprávní souvislosti

English - Coronavirus and labour law context

Deutsch - Das Coronavirus und arbeitsrechtliche Zusammenhänge

по русски​ -  Коронавирус и связь с трудовыми отношениями​

Українська​ - Коронавірус і зв'язок з трудовими відносинами​

AS EMPLOYER you can claim  wage compensation at Labor Office!   "Program ANTIVIRUS"

(RU) Антивирус – поддержка занятости

(UA) Антивірус - підтримка зайнятості 

(DE) Antivirus - Beschäftigungsförderung

(EN) Antivirus - support for employment


It depends how your employment contract defines the duration of the employment relationship. The Agency may terminate your employment contract if the employment contract is concluded "for the period of assignment to the user". (If the company, the "user" can no longer assign work to agency employees.)

If you do not fully understand the terms and conditions under which an employment contract is to be terminated, please consult before signing the agreement! (For example, with a precipitous signature, you may agree that you will not get paid correctly for the period of time you worked; that the agency has no obligations to you,…)

Do you need an advice?

For more details and help contact our social workers:

222 360 452, 702 150 630, 481 120 049, info(a)

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